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Keith H. Libolt, Sr


Keith has been in construction for over 40 years and has a solid background in construction management and is especially qualified in the rehab of buildings whose structural integrity is in question. He maintains O.S.H.A. Hazardous Material Training and safety certificates. Mr. Libolt is a past fire chief and is very active in local community outreaches. At age 71, Mr. Libolt is a veteran site foreman who gets projects built.

The company was formally incorporated in 1973 when Keith H. Libolt and Philip Jannotti decided to take a long standing career in construction and realize their own dream. At its origin the company looked to establish itself in an area of construction both men were familiar with, Masonry. For five years the primary focus of the business was on all forms of structural masonry, construction and renovation work. After a short time the business began to expand into home building, then condominium projects, light commercial space and during the 1980’s light industrial flex and office space. In 1988 we finished the year with a staff of over twenty and a very full workload.

The fall of 1989 saw some major changes throughout our industry, hit hard by the recession we downsized, re-evaluated our market position and began working small urban affordable housing projects. From that time forward we set a goal to produce 100 units a year across the tri state region. In the past ten years we’ve remained strong with a sound base in the workforce and senior housing market, construction management and property development. Today we find our staffing to be extremely effective, flexible and profitable allowing us to easily adjust to a rapidly fluctuating market.