Our Company is Committed to High Quality, High Value Construction

Whether as the lead general contractor or the construction manager, AHC builds properties with lasting quality and added value. From the planning stage through completion, our skilled team continually has its eye on the client’s objectives and bottom line. Creating and monitoring schedules, managing budgets, tracking construction costs, attention to detail, meeting and exceeding building industry standards – our commitment to excellence underpins it all.

Incorporating the Latest State-of-the-Art Construction Practices

An area leader in energy efficient construction, our company has built hundreds of ENERGY STAR homes. We are ENERGY STAR certified Builders and Raters, which means each AHC construction project is designed and built to standards well above most other buildings on the market using comprehensive air sealing, properly installed insulation, and high performance windows. As a Rater, or consultant, we use a whole house approach to test the energy efficiency of the building, which includes a blower-door test to measure air leakage and identify opportunities to seal it.

We are also a Net Zero builder. Net Zero buildings, known as Zero Energy Homes, produce as much energy as they consume, or more. These buildings are built very airtight, highly insulated, and utilize high-efficiency appliances, heating, and lighting. They use solar photovoltaic (PV) collectors, or other renewable sources, to produce sufficient electricity to meet the minimal remaining energy needs.

A Reputation that Precedes Us

AHC has gained a reputation as an industry leader in the Hudson Valley and Northern NJ area because we embrace trust, honesty, integrity, quality, innovation, respect, commitment, and fiscal responsibility. We know the importance of each and every development and construction project we take on and are committed to its successful completion. These qualities and dedication have resulted in numerous awards, including:

• NYSAFAH Award for Excellence – Project of the Year for Lace Mill in Kingston, NY
• Trailblazer Award from NYSERDA CST-PV Program
• Energy Star Certified Homes Leadership in Housing Award
• Sullivan Showcase Award for Best New Multi-Unit Residential

Construction. Consulting. Development.

Whether you are looking to develop an affordable housing complex, are seeking a builder to handle the construction, or simply would like consultation, AHC is here to help. Our team has the expertise and experience to ensure a smooth project from concept and design to construction and landscaping. For over 40 years we have created high-quality housing that enhances the lives of our residents. Guided by our mission, when you retain AHC you can trust in our commitment to integrity, quality, and value.

We strive to make our communities the best in the marketplace. Call us today to see how our company can assist you with your real estate construction needs.